Bolyai Foundation is a transdisciplinary think-tank based in Cluj, Romania.

We adopted Transdisciplinarity as a Methodological Framework for integration and development of a wide range of projects spanning from Cultural Engineering, Digital Art Fabrication to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity related initiatives.

We are also financing other NGOs developing cutting edge projects in science, technology and art, in the spirit of Janos Bolyai’s scientific, philosophic and cultural legacy.

To be close to the place where the adventure of non-euclidian geometries actually started, Bolyai Foundation owns a XVth century medieval church, in the neighborhood of the Bolyai Castle from Bolya (Bell/Buia). Farkas (Wolfgang) Bolyai, father of Janos and close friend of Carl Friedrich Gauss was born here.The church, locally called “the Church on the Hill”, is located in the abandoned village of Engelthal (“Angel’s Valley”)/Ingodaly/Mighindoala. Most of our events, camps & workshops will be organized in this location, a unique area of biodiversity in the very heart of Transylvania.